Gentle and classic. Fascinates with the natural look


‘’A horse- a wooden cock horse. A simple toy, small swing, which makes you sway and amuse. A spring friend, cheerful smile. Everyone should have it.” A cock horse is one of the most popular toys in the world. It appeared in its current form in the 17th century, but there is rumours that there were similar models in Ancient Greek. Unfortunately, technology supplants the traditional forms of play. This is why we want to go back to the healthy and cheerful past. We would like to do so with in style, gently and in the old ways. Since nothing can replace beauty of handmade wooden products, which create an awesome atmosphere while playing at home and in the garden.


Kandu Cock Horse is a dual-purpose, carefully made toy of natural wood. Removable runners guarantee swaying moments during enjoyable swinging or vigorous fun on wheels. We paid attention the form of the toy, in order to achieve an impression of naturally streamlined shapes.

Product dimensions:

Length 700 mm 

Width 240 mm

Height 550 mm

Seat height 330 mm

Material: birch timber

Execution: handmade

Naturalne drewno brzozowe Zabawki bezpieczne dla zdrowia Wytrzymałość gwarantowana Produkty tworzone ręcznie Zabawa rozwija wyobraźnię

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Bo nie ma nic bardziej rodzinnego od więzi zrodzonych z miłości... i z pięknego prezentu, który przetrwa.

Kucyk Kandu

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Beautiful return to the past.