Sports model for the youngest automotive fans.


A friendly competition, team work, emotions and empathy are the most important values, which a young man learn through sport. Nurturing the love for sport through play in

children will help developing their whole personality in the future. Children love imagine themselves in different situations. Because of this ability they become more sensitive and talented. Kandu Sport gives an opportunity to move in a world of racetracks, hot atmosphere and winning. A feeling of power and Kandu Sport style makes each child have incredible moments while playing in a safe home environment


Kandu Sport is a motorbike on the wheels that was designed with sports and automotive fans in mind. Well thought-out design gives the motorbike the characteristic pertness and a modern model of the wheels show a feeling of great power. The wheels are coated with a resistant layer of rubber so there is no risk of scratches on the surface.

Materiał: birch timber

Wykonanie:  handmade

Wymiary: Length 770 mm  / Width 240 mm / Height 450 mm / Seat height 280 mm

Naturalne drewno brzozowe Zabawki bezpieczne dla zdrowia Wytrzymałość gwarantowana Produkty tworzone ręcznie Zabawa rozwija wyobraźnię


Since there is nothing more familial than bonds born of love… and of a great gift, which is going to endure

Kandu Sport

PLN569.00 VAT included

Hand-made motorcycle of natural birch wood with a sporty design and characteristic finishing elements.