The most beautiful corners of the world in mind's eye


During designing Kandu Classic we were endlessly staring at the scenes of journey on the immense paths of American Route 66. The classic road to the sun and freedom. To live special moments and understand ourselves. People’s inner needs achieved by wheels during the journey on the road separated by yellow lines. Kandu Classic is just the kind of journey for a child’s world. For freedom of thought and imagination. Since the greatest chance for children’s happiness is a possibility to have impossible dreams. This is the reason that our children will achieve incredible things in the future. Give your children as a gift Kandu Classic. Show him and her that they can dream.


Kandu Classic - two products in one well elaborate form. In an instant, the lovely and stationary swing toy can become an enjoyable motorbike to ride thanks to a function of removing runners. This mobility works very well during learning how to ride a bike, when maintaining the balance is developed.

Material: birch timber

Execution: handmade

Product dimensions: Length 1050 mm / Width 300 mm / Height 610 mm / Seat height 380 mm

Naturalne drewno brzozowe Zabawki bezpieczne dla zdrowia Wytrzymałość gwarantowana Produkty tworzone ręcznie Zabawa rozwija wyobraźnię

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Kandu Classic

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The classic, which is timely.