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Year 1989

A lot has changed, but the art of wood processing driven by the passion for creation stayed the same.

30 years of beautiful history

Everything started in a small town near Ostrów Wielkopolski, where the hard communist reality faced the passion and need to create. An art of wood processing driven by the father’s and son’s talent was able to cope with adversity. Before 1990 there was a lack of access to raw materials and buying a wood processing machines was a miracle. And that is when Marian Kępas, Piotrek’s father (the current Kandu toy designer) with his own hands started to construct machines and woodworking tools, for instance, lathes, planers, milling machines. The majority of them survived in form of relics to this day and they still work! It was not possible to simply buy timber so they had to deal with it ‘’in some other way”, for example they used firewood or bought back the material from state-owned companies. It was not easy, but with each passing month, Kępas family was a step closer to fulfil their dream of having their own company producing beautiful toys of natural wood and expanding international sales first in Germany and then in the Czech Republic, England, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Canada. The rest is history.

Kandu Mission

Kandu mission is to take care of children’s correct development and family relationship through the handmade wooden toys, which are fun and learning at the same time, but above all- they are going to endure for generations. Since there is nothing more familial than bonds born of love… and of a great gift, which is going to endure.


Each toy is made on the basis of 3 basic criteria: timeless design, quality, attention to detail. Our products are tested in terms of durability. The achieved results confirm that Kandu products reach the highest quality standards (for instance, the resistance of at least 100 kg and a test of 300 thousand turns of the wheels without any visible changes in the elements).


Years 2018 - 2019 is a new card in the history of Kandu brand development. It is time for our product to float on wide waters. We want the most children to know what a beautiful, natural toy really is. The company's development strategy envisages entering international markets, new production investments and, above all, creating a conceptual products department, thanks to which unique ideas of new, wonderful products will be realized.


We take responsibility for the whole production process, from a piece of wood to finished toys and that is why we pay so much attention to FSC standards, PEFC criteria and products certification. We do pay attention to functionalities and safety during use, that is why none of the toys have sharp edges or elements. Kandu toys are made of natural wood and therefore each toy has a unique structure of tree rings and thanks to that each product is one of a kind.

Natural birch woodToys safe for healthGuaranteed durabilityHandmadeFun develops the imagination

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